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Part 2: The Details

Part 2: The Details

Welcome to the second part of the wedding series (this is the last one promise!) We tried our best to stay to a budget but it’s so easy to get carried away, however we wanted whatever ‘props’ we bought to be used again and not solely for the wedding day.

We also had sustainability in mind and didn’t want to end up buying things just for the one day. While we didn’t hire crockery or table settings we did opt for all compostable disposables- Bagesse (sugarcane) plates for the cake and dessert, bamboo sporks for the strawberries and cream and paper cups to hold the strawberries.

You will see when you read the details how we tackled our table decor and how we plan to use 99% of things again.

I loved every second of planning our day, so much so I would love to make a career out of it but I think every bride thinks that!


I designed and printed all our stationary, from our invites to table plans, menu cards, place cards and thank you cards. From the very start I knew I wanted to use vellum somehow. I used to make architecture models from it back in the day and loved the semi transparency of it. We went for simple monochrome stationary to suit our minimalist theme.

The Dress

So funny story…I was incredibly hungover when I went to try on dresses after a work leaving do the previous night (I’d advise anyone else not to follow this) and had made an appointment to try on some dresses of a brand that were reasonably priced and slightly ‘boho’ called Wilderly Bride- some of their dresses are beautiful. So I tracked down the only stockist in NI and off I went. I tried on a few of these but none were right and they didn’t hold the exact one i wanted all while feeling slightly green around the gills.

While looking round the room my hand went out to a dress which I was told nobody had even looked at and had even got strange comments from passers by when it was in the window. (sales assistant really selling it to me here!) It was completely different to everything else in the store (Angel Star Bridal) and fit like a glove and we took it home that day, I didn’t even bring my credit card with me so Mum had to pay for me!

Following that I knew i didn’t want a veil and had seen ‘wings’ from Made With Love an Australian brand so again I tracked these down to Ivy and White and the lovely Kerri in Lisburn and ordered them.

My shoes were from M&S and a bargain £19.50 in the sale and our hair accessories were from Accessorize.

My bridesmaid dress was TFNC from ASOS and the flower girls dress was from Monsoon- she also wore pink glittery converse.


Our Flowers were all created by Gill from Flowers by Mee (see Part 1 of my wedding posts here) Gill did an amazing job and best of all a lot of our flowers were dried so I get to keep them and use them round our house! I opted for pampas and gypsophila and the rest I left up to Gill. We focused on one large installation to act as our ceremony backdrop filled with pampas , orchids, peonies and roses, this was then moved into our reception venue to act as a photo backdrop. For the remainder of floral decorations I chose to have pampas pew ends which were reused as our top table decoration and opted for simple foliage and bleached ruscus table runners. Gill was amazing throughout and toned our flowers with my flower girls dress to perfection! Sadly my bouquet didn’t survive a house fire at my mums but luckily i have lots of dried bunches to keep.

The Cake

We made the genius (well I think so) idea to serve the cake at the drinks reception. I don’t know about you but I’m always starving at weddings waiting for the meal so we opted to serve strawberries and cream straight after the ceremony served in little pots from Sostrene Grene (around £2.50 for 24) and then cut the cake soon after.

A family friend made our cake (twice) as our gift, the first one was eaten by her lovable Labrador! We discussed having a naked cake but I didn’t see it or know what flavour it was until it was time to cut it, we knew it wouldn’t disappoint as she makes a good cake, (it was lemon and delicious!)and our florist decorated it beautifully with bunny tails and gypsophila.

Our cake topper was super last minute and ordered from Sopia Victoria Joy on Etsy.

Table Decorations

We opted for really simple table decorations partly down to having a food truck. We didn’t have plates, charger plates or cutlery on the tables as our guests went out to the food truck to pick up their meal, as a result we only had linen napkins hired from ( I Do Weddings) and place cards with a menu of what each guest had orderedwith a sprig of Rosemary from my mums’ garden. We hired in these amazing timber tables (Top Table NI) so I didn’t want to cover them up. As much as I would have loved gold charger plates and beautiful cutlery it did save us some money not having to hire in crockery. I found the gold candle holders, all 40 of them, in River Island for £1 each in the sale and will reuse these at Christmas above the fire. The table numbers are £1 Ikea photo frames- simple but effective and probably the only thing we bought that we wont reuse.


We didn’t have a photo booth so instead we wrote little dares on everyone’s welcome drink and had a Polaroid camera to capture these, it’s a fun way to get guests who don’t know each other to chat and break the ice plus it makes for good memories!


Early in our planning we agreed we wanted tasty food and not the traditional wedding breakfast. Wolf and Devour’s food truck fitted that vision and we served their signature Wolf Burger, burrito bowl and bangers and mash which all went down a storm with our guests! Later on we served bacon butties and chips with different toppings. Ben and his team were great to work with throughout the planning and even accommodated our guests with dietary requirements and our late schedule on the day!

For dessert we chose to serve doughnuts from Guilt Trip which they delivered the morning of the wedding, all 120 of them! We got to choose 6 flavours and I saw people with 3 each on their plate so I think the guests approved. By far the most popular was the Boston Creme.


We made all our own signage for the day from one large sheet of plywood cut by the nice man in b and q into 6 boards. I then traced the wording onto the boards and my lovely mum hand painted them all. We plan to reuse them in the garden as a little reminder of our day. They cost around £30 to make the 6 signs.

Outdoor decor

I bought a tonne of white balloons and used these to decorate the courtyard (see the next section for the plans that never happened) They made a great backdrop for photos

The things that could have been…

Alas, We couldn’t have everything we wanted mainly due to our budget and on the big day things didn’t all go to plan! I had blown up ALOT of balloons to decorate the venue but due to high winds the morning of the wedding they weren’t going to stay put so this had to be rethought (picture me on the morning out in drizzly rain with family trying to tie balloons round down pipes while the balloons try to make there great escape!)

We also had planned to have a decorative rug at the top of the aisle but due to the weather again this couldn’t happen, at one point we had to make the call to change the ceremony to inside which would have meant an entire reset of the room we had spent the night before setting up so instead we got married in the rain.

There were meant to be more decorations including tassels, which I had made, hung round the reception room but we just ran out of time. All the best planning can go in but last minute appointments, and the like, the week before took up valuable time but do you know what, nobody knew so nobody even noticed and they would have been nice to have but in the grand scheme of things they didn’t matter.

If our budget had stretched I would have loved a few extra things- The Picture Bus- a vintage VW camper van converted into a photo booth and called Henry. We actually enquired about it but (thankfully for our budget) it was already booked on our date

Styling help from This Old Home- I love their down to earth simple but beautiful styling and exchanged a few messages with Steph, she was super helpful and is actually styling our photographer Lauren’s wedding next year so she must be good! They have a fab range of backdrops and signage for hire and do beautiful ply table plans and welcome signs.

And if you have made it this far… thanks! if you have any questions just drop me a message!

*All photos credited to our fab photographer LIT Photography NI

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