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How to update your outdoor space with minimal money but maximum impact

How to update your outdoor space with minimal money but maximum impact

So it has been a loooonnnng time since my last post back in December, alot has being going on behind the scenes, with my dad having a stroke and starting a new job and generally life getting in the way.  To be honest i didn't feel much like writing about interiors because of it all, plus we have done zero to our house due to little free time and zero spare cash. 

As the weather is finally (hopefully) warming up I think its about time to start thinking about cheering up the garden as it is all looking very drab and dreary at the minute! With the bank holiday this weekend its the perfect time to plan some garden maintenance and hopefully, if the forecast is right, we can enjoy some sunshine!

Like most of you I don't have a massive budget to landscape and decorate the garden but there are definitely easy ways to add some design and colour to your outdoor seating area and the colour will last longer than any plant under my care! This is my list of the best ways to do this for little money.


Outdoor seating doesn't have to be expensive to be stylish. We bought 2 strong chairs from B&M Home Bargains last year and I absolutely love them and they have them in stock again this year(plus they were a bargain £25 each). The design is iconic and gives any patio or terrace that designer look instantly. They can be added to existing outdoor furniture sets or equally look just as good on their own.


It may sound like a mad idea to have a rug outside but there are plenty available specifically for outdoor use- Ikea for one have a great selection of affordable rugs starting from £25 for a large one. They create and define your outdoor space while adding an injection of pattern to make your outdoor space look and feel an extension of your home. I found these 2 examples online and love the leaf prints!

Outdoor Prints

To accessorise your outdoor seating area why not add some art to truely extend your home into the garden. Just make sure whatever you choose is suitable to be outside. These fab prints are specially designed to be hung outside and are made from PVC.

Outdoor cushions and floor pads

Adding cushions with bright colours in different shapes and sizes will brighten up any patio or seating area. Ok so this shell cushion might not be the most budget friendly buts I bloody love it and it makes a major statement. Alternatively Ikea, Asda and Aldi have some great affordable outdoor cushions, pouffs and floorpads. This leaf print floor pad is multi functional and can be used as a seat for extra guests or as a low coffee table with a tray on top.


Adding potted plants can add interest and splashes of colour in and around your seating area. If you need some shelter from the wind a raised planter could be just the thing to block out and wind and create a sun trap. Create a sensory seating area by choosing lavenders or herbs such as rosemary or vary the heights and types of pots to create different clusters and patterns. This trough is from Sostrene Grene and is over half the price of similar ones from Ferm Living and I love these coloured terrazo planters from Made.com.


Lets face it, no matter how sunny it is it can get pretty chilly to sit outside once the sun goes down, extend your time outside with a fire pit to keep the chills away. I love this pentagon one from VonHaus available on Amazon. Perfect for toasting late night marshmallws


Add some extra lighting with some string lights suitable for outdoors. Perfect for extending your evening and creating a party vibe. Save the fairy lights for Christmas and choose festoon or paper lanterns like these.

Garden Accessories

Ok so these are maybe over budget but who says a garden hose needs to be boring? I absolutely love this leopard print hose nozzle and claw mount. And they are definitely guaranteed to create an impact in your garden!

And finally...Paint

Its amazing what a tin of paint and some hard work can achieve and totally transform and upgrade an unloved fence/ garden furniture or shed. Just make sure you use a paint suitable for the type of surface you are covering and that you give it a good clean before starting!


Hope you enjoyed that little round up and have a lovely bank holiday weekend!




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