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The kitchen mini makeover

The kitchen mini makeover

Finally...... here is the mini makeover I did on our kitchen (I say 'I' but I cant take all the credit, the other half did all the painting under my careful supervision of course!) Our kitchen wasn't in bad shape but was a light wood laminate which just didn't look right with our dining table and vintage unit. We decided to paint the kitchen dark and change the handles to update the room without spending a fortune.

Our kitchen before... not bad but not very interesting

The full extent of our kitchen before

Firstly we agreed on a colour- Farrow and Ball in Black Blue which isn't as dramatic as black and has a lovely deep blue pigment. We primed all the doors using Crown Cupboard Makeover Primer which took 2 coats and, in hindsight, we should have used a dark primer but I couldn't find one readily available and this one was specifically for cupboards. The dark paint took 3 coats with each door sanded between coats to try to achieve a smooth finish, the colour started off quite green but with each coat began to look more and more blue. This process took a loooooooong time and we lived without cupboard doors or the use of the dining table for weeks while each coat of paint dried on each side of the door.

The real scenes behind the finished pictures

In the mean time it gave us a while to source handles, we considered leather, brass, gold and copper in all shapes and sizes but found really reasonably priced polished copper handles online here which look great against the dark cupboards and our copper accessories. However the screws supplied with them weren't long enough to attach to our cupboards but we just used the screws from the old handles.

So here we go,,, the big reveal!!

Our floor is a really dark tiled floor which I personally hate so we bought a large rug from Ikea which is so much nicer to walk on than cold tiles! I think we need to buy another to go under the dining table. In the photos the rug is actually upside down as we prefer the lighter side than the grey side.

The industrial dining table and vintage unit to the left look so much better with the dark units

The other side of our kitchen with our industrial dining table and rose/pink wall, the new copper handles bring the rose gold colour to the dark units to create a more unified room.

I moved this plant in from the hall and I love the green leaves against the units.

All our appliances are dark or stainless steel and really stood out beside the light units, now they blend in more. We kept the tiles as they were perfectly fine and inoffensive and kept the worktop for now.

A few more shots....

A shot showing our chalkboard wall behind the vintage unit.

My Ibride tray from Amara

I added 2 metallic copper prints by White Chalk Studio which fit perfectly in the kitchen, I have my eye on another one of the Jawbox gin too!

And that's it! Stage 2 will be lighting-Look colsely at the before pics which show how uninstaworthy it is currently! And Stage 3 might be a new worktop, sink and taps.

Thanks for reading!




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