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Spring is in the air- the best fresh scents for spring

Spring is in the air- the best fresh scents for spring

The official start of spring is today so I thought I would round up the freshest scented candles from local companies to instantly make your house smell like spring. I was never really a candle fan until I got my own house and discovered all the talented local people making their own scents and pouring their own candles. 

I'm fascinated by all the ingredients that go into building a scent and the philosophy behind it all and if you are too one of the candle makers featured- The Bearded Candle Makers- run scent building workshops in collaboration with Petal Studio and Bullit Belfast.

All these candles are produced locally within Northern Ireland and use soy and natural wax which is a more environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin wax it's completely biodegradable and burns more cleanly.

Filthy Velvet

First up is the creatively titled 'Pot Head' from Filthy Velvet. For me, I always know that milder sunny days are (hopefully) ahead when the first cut of grass is done and the air is filled with that fresh scent, well this candle is just that- its has that slight sweet smell grass has but is so fresh at the same time. When lit, it filled the room with a lovely garden-fresh fragrance without being overpowering.

These candles are made with natural wax, hand poured in Portrush beside the sea and have a burn time of up to 40 hours. The range of cheekily titled candles are available here and  in Studio Souk in Belfast. There's a special mothers day edition called 'Hot Mamma' which is Milk, Honey and Vanilla which sounds fab.

Adrift Candles

Next up is Monkey 47 Jasmine and Seaweed by Adrift Candles. These guys use and upcycle  empty alcohol bottles to showcase their candles, cutting them down and retaining the labels to create unique candles. I didn't know I liked Juniper and Seaweed let alone mixed together but turns out its a big hit.  I left this candle sitting on a window sill and every time I walk past I get this lovely hit of fragrance, infact I'd wear it as a perfume its that good!

The candle itself is huge so will last for ages and again is soy wax hand poured in the Mourne Mountains. The company can also pour you your own candle in a specific bottle which would be perfect for a present. They have also teamed up with  the Echlinville distillery- a local distillery to produce a range of candles available in the distillery shop. I'll be checking out their Jawbox Gin candle soon with a gin in hand naturally. Their other ranges are available in Studio Souk in Belfast or drop them a line and they can sort you out!

The Bearded Candle Makers

Third (these aren't in any order by the way) is The Bearded Candle Makers offering of Irish Gorse Wind. When I was younger we used to walk the dogs every Sunday round the coast and during the spring and summer months the air would be filled with the sweet coconutty smell of the bright yellow gorse flowers so this scent will always remind me of strolls in the sun. Michael and Mark, the owners,describe it perfectly as the smell of sunshine and wide blue skies. Its on the sweeter side of the scents I'm featuring but is unmistakably spring in a candle. Each candle has  11% fragrance which is the most the wax can handle which ensure a concentrated scent. Also check out their gorgeous textured hand rolled beeswax candles which help purify the air when lit.

These candles are available online, from the guys themselves at St Georges market on Saturday and Sunday and in numerous local shops- Painted Earth in Newcastle, In Klover in Hillsborough, Woven in Banbridge and the Craft Room Comber to name a few!

So Soy

Last is So Soy's Lemongrass, Lime and Ginger Root which is zingy, zesty and almost fizzy if that's possible! Its super refreshing and smells a bit like a grown up lime sherbet. When lit this filled the room with a clean crisp scent that lasted for ages. Its sharp fragrance is sure to wake you up.

The company only started last October with a philosophy to create a spa-from-home experience. Its packaging is simple yet grown up monochromatic sophistication and just looks expensive so I think they have hit the nail on the head  with their brief. The 'So' part of the name actually means luxury in Irish. The candles are hand poured at the Giant's Causeway from soy wax and the wicks are made from unbleached cotton interwoven with linen thread. I cant wait to check out their prosecco, pomelo and grapefruit version.

Shop online here and look out for their loyalty card and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for the heads up on special discounts

And that's it, I genuinely love all these candles as they aren't artificially sweet or overpowering, they burned evenly and all filled the room with long lasting scent even when they weren't lit.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks to the four companies I requested samples from!



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