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Express Yo'self- Quirky typography to decorate your walls

Express Yo'self- Quirky typography to decorate your walls

Hey everyone,

I though it was time for a little artwork update. I'm not really one for generic mass produced typography prints to fill up spaces. Instead I much prefer quirky individual prints or small batch prints so i know that not everyone will have the same art as me. Plus I love to support small businesses so the ones featured are only from independent artists.

Creating a gallery wall is one of the easiest ways to create interest to a forgotten corner and to add personality to your home without spending a fortune- you know me its all about decorating your home with out blowing the budget-so thought i would put together a little post on my favourite typography businesses for you to see whats out there.

If you need any help deciding on layouts for your wall have aclook on pinterst for examples of lots of different layouts and configurations! Hope you enjoy!


Bill & Coo Paper Company

First up are local business Bill and Coo are based in Belfast who specialise in typography and have just reopened their online store. Simple yet effective monochrome prints they feature locally inspired phrases using minimal words for maximum impact. If you have been following me for a while you may have notied my 'Dream Big, Little One" print which is by Bill & Coo and features gold letters. Check out their website for fab range of typography cards and pencils.

In no Particular Order

For the best instastories you need to follow Vickie, think dimple dances and karaoke whilst running! I love these prints- you might have spotted 2 are on my wall already. Her prints are just a line, so simple yet effective. Take your pick from song lyrics, neon words on black paper or bespoke words, also check out her evolution of the boob one for a giggle! I have 2 of her prints in my home, 'hip hop' and 'smile'.


We are Amused

Hailing from Scotland, We are Amused began from a chat between 2 friends at the kitchen table. I love their placement of font on the page, some with overlapping words which make them more abstract art than typography. I will be adding the 'no guts, no glory, no legend, no story' to my collection soon! Their website also features other prints by small businesses and is worth checking out.


North 6 Graphic Design

Steve is a graphic designer based in Manchester and designs these colourful typography prints. Bold and colourful and big (most are available up to A2) these are sure to stand out on your walls. I'll take all four of these ones! You can also contact North Graphic Design for custom orders.

Print Living

You might have noticed a couple of these prints on my latest gallery wall and they are also behind the outdoor poster featured in my garden! Designed and printed in London the team at Print Living aim to create bold and bright artwork and their expansion into specifically designed pvc outdoor prints means you can now extend your artwork into the garden. My fave is this 'YA YA YA' print closely followed by the 'Welcome to the Secret Garden' outdoor print.

The Loft and Us

You also might recognise this brand as I have 2 of their wallpapers in my home. They do a quirky range of prints too ranging from simple one word prints like this "Bonjour" one to the colour combo of the moment- leaf print letters on a blush pink background. And who doesn't need a 'Ladies is pimps too' print!!

New Icons of Print

New Icons of print have a vast range of prints available, so many in fact there is a requirement for a whole "F" word section! The variety of styles is due to the creative collective of artists and designers who make up the business, this ensure theres plenty of choice for their customers. I could do with this 'Faffing' one as my style of tidying is just moving items from one location to another (usually to the black hole of the spare room) instead of actual putting anything away 🤦🏻‍♀️


Gayle Mansfield

I love these bold prints, Gayle the brains behind them creates the idea which her husband Steve then transforms into her vision. Clever word placement and colour combos make these stand out on any wall and the chop chop is perfect for the kitchen or home office as a reminder of those approaching deadlines! My fave is this new "Hi" print with the perfect colour combo of pink and red.

And thats it! Thanks for reading,









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