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The Dark Side

The Dark Side

I am in a constant battle when it comes to decorating, the architect side of me loves nothing more than a polished concrete floor, white walls and minimal decor, the more eclectic (and purchaser of anything remotely unusual or animal related) side of me is a big fan of dark interiors and there's some seriously cool inspiration on Instagram. Here are my top go-to accounts for inspiration. Painting your walls is an easy way to make a statement and easily changed with a bit of elbow grease if you don't like it. Painting your walls dark is a massive step and there's definitely a few deep breathes before you slap on the paint, these guys go to show there's nothing to be scared of and, if done right, it can create amazing interiors. Go on, be brave, what are you waiting for? Welcome to the dark side.


This lady goes to show how much more colourful accessories 'pop' against a dark background. She has the most amazing collection of home accessories all in bold bright colours, every accent colour gives maximum impact. And she proves that external spaces can also handle a dark shade! She is also a very talented photographer, you can check out her portfolio here.

Photos courtesy of Patirobins


Kimberley is an award winning interior blogger and her feed is full of fascinating styling. She has recently transformed her kitchen from light to dark and the results are amazing. Similarly she changed her bedside cabinets from bright blue to dark which achieves a more cohesive look and allows the bright bedhead to be the focal point of the room. Gold accessories strategically placed around the room create a rich look and this is continued throughout her home in the kitchen handles and beside drawer details. Again, it goes to show it doesn't have to be dark grey to achieve drama, the drinks trolley with its gold accents looks fab against this rich deep blue colour.

Photos courtesy of Swoonworthyblog


I love how this clever lady accessories her home with velvet against her dark walls, it just adds a touch of glamour and luxuriousness to the room, for maximum impact she has painted her skirting board and architraves dark to match the walls, not to mention the chandeliers! Her eclectic artwork makes a great display against the dark background.

Photos courtesy of Jazziere

Cowboy Kate

Kate lives in a 400 year old house and knows how to accessorise her dark walls with texture. She sells these lovely ethically sourced Icelandic and British rare breed sheepskins online and they feature heavily in her photos adding softness to her rooms. You can find them here although they sell out fast! She describes her style as boho-glam, her style is rich and layered and I love her eclectic mix of furniture including those disco balls!

Photos courtesy of CowboyKate


This was one of the first Instagram accounts i started following for dark inspiration. I love her dining room and check out that mural she painted in her living room-amazing! Her clever use of lighting adds atmosphere and again another big fan of the disco ball. To create a cohesive look she has chosen to paint her furniture, radiators and a fireplace dark too, this makes her accessories the main focus in all her rooms.

Photos courtesy of Artynads


Amy is an interiors and event stylist and this is reflected in her cool and well displayed interior. Her Instagram feed is full of cool interiors and not all are dark, She mixes all styles of accessories to create a unique and personal home full of character. Also check out the neon heart, I'm craving a bit of neon at the minute!

Photos courtesy of thisstyle_rocks


Catherine mixes mid century modern furniture into her dark interior with vintage rugs and walls of picture galleries to create her look with splashes of colour and eclectic home accessories (check out that dog and cactus) to add interest.  Even her kitchen has a dark colour scheme but just look how it frames the view.

Photos courtesy of bo_decor


I love Esther's slightly baroque/ rock interior, there's pieces of interest in every corner from fauxtaxidermy, a skull wearing a crown, botanicals everywhere you look to an amazing ornate gold picture gallery all set against her dark colour scheme.

Photos courtesy of Retrosugar


Tina has a more contemporary approach to her style of dark interiors mixing an industrial dining table and amazing beaded chandelier with quirky picture galleries featuring miniature faux stag heads and letters. She has an amazing living room which mixes dark walls with fantastic tree wallpaper.

Photos courtesy of Archer.t.j


Daisy has the best collection of IBride trays I have ever seen all hung on dark walls and the cutest dogs too (also dark in colour-coincidence??). She is a big fan of Abigail Ahern accessories and has the biggest collection of plants dotted around her home in all colours and guises which soften the dark walls. She uses mirrors in her kitchen as splashbacks to reflect and play with light which will make her kitchen feel more spacious.

Photos courtesy of Athomewith_dasiy


The Instagram feed shows you don't have to choose dark grey to create impact, dark blue walls create an equally impressive interior. I love the mix of gold accessories against the dark background which creates that luxe vibe and so simple to achieve. The bright pink juju hat and Abigail Ahern hare lamp make impressive statement against the dark background which I just don't think would look as impressive against a light background.

Photos courtesy of Magpiehomes

And there we have it, hope its made you think about what can be achieved and thanks to all the lovely folk for giving me permission to feature their photos!

Long story short, I needa tin of darker paint, an IBride tray and many many more plants!

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