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5 Ways to Style Succulents

5 Ways to Style Succulents

Hi Everyone,

I don't know about you but I am terrible at looking after plants- welcome the succulent! These low maintenance plants are so easy to look after and their striking appearance make them an ideal accessory for the home. They seem to be having a revival along with the lowly once forgotten cactus and are literally available everywhere from Tesco's to artisan florists.

A succulent can easily add interest to a corner of a room by providing a touch of greenery and best of all you can (almost) forget all about them! They do require a little water every now and again and wont survive in a dark corner. I've recently purchased quite a few and they change locations daily!


Styling is super easy too, you can buy them already in interesting pots but below are a few of my favourite picks.

1. Concrete Planters


Photos courtesy of Ail+El

Ail+El design- Are a Dublin based homeware brand set up by Aileen Balfe and  Eleanor McCaughey. They make concrete planters inspired by the architecture and graffiti of Dublin city. The urban and industrial qualities of the concrete are combined with geometric detailing and vibrant colours to create functional, contemporary homeware.

These are available locally in Refound (when its back up and running in its new location) and online from Ail+El


2. Plant Bags

Photos courtesy of BestBudsBelfast

Best Buds Belfast- Ok so not strictly a pot but these plant bags from Best Buds Belfast are great. The copper one looks amazing (you may have spotted mine in a few of my Instagram pics) against the green of the plant and feels like leather and is also available in white and grey. They come flat packed for easy postage from the Best Buds Belfast website or can be bought in Maven just off the Lisburn Road. If you need any beautiful flowers you should also check out their page for their daily posy which comes delivered with a card inclusive in the price!

3.Plant Stand  

Elevate your succulents to new height with a plant stand. These Ferm Living pots and stands are available locally from Maven.They look great and add interest to lonely corners of rooms or place each side to define a doorway.

Photos courtesy of www.wearemaven.co.uk and www.fermliving.com

4. Wall

Photos courtesy of www.boxofsquares.com

Transform your succulent into a piece of wall art. Succulents are the best because they require little watering and can therefore be placed nearly anywhere, add interest to a bare wall by fixing them in a random pattern or in a straight line for maximum impact. There are plenty of plant holders which fix to the wall from glass to my personal favourite- these wooden ones available online from www.boxofsquares.com and come in a variety of finishes and colours.


5. Terrariums

Photos courtesy of www.oliverbonas.com, ruby roost and www.urbanoutfitters.com

Terrariums make excellent coffee table pieces and are widely available and are a great way to showcase a variety of succulents. Oliver Bonas and Urban Outfitters have a good selection of various finished and shapes to support local, Ruby Roost has a couple of varieties. The bigger and more variety  the better I say, make a bold statement with a large terrarium on your dinner table as a centre piece or on a bookshelf.






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